Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Victim number one of my creative endeavor happened to be my old friend Serge whose Birthday came shortly after my trip, in the end of the summer 2008. At that time I didn’t realize that it would have been smart to start a blog immediately upon buying the yarn or at least when half a sweater had been done and appeared to be worth to show off! But I carefully documented every step I made, so I’ll present everything here, almost 6 months later. Part of blame is on Serge: it took him longer to model the thing than I spent knitting it here + shipping to Ukraine. But I don’t think that a couple of months is a terrible delay, assuming the person had never modeled clothes before :-).


It is a sweater for unusually multi-talented person – in engineering, design, poetry. I wanted to make:

1. Something a little bit unreal, fantasy-like, poetic, fancy – but at the same time masculine and even knight-errant-like;

2. With some unexpected elements – but not too catchy wearable by a real person in real life;

3. Traditional – but contemporary and casual;

4. “Keep it simple” – but fun to knit.

I think I met number 3 by choosing washed mid-indigo color yarn which has strong connotation with blue jeans and by working it with old Irish Aran stitches. Some interesting elements of this oversized sweater are:
  • lack of shoulder seams, as well as traditional side seams – but presence of inside-out seams in unusual spots,
  • the sleeves attached “under braid”,
  • and a braid necklace around the collar.

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