Monday, February 23, 2009

Airplane ;-)

All this started in the plane during my trip Odessa-Atlanta in June 2008. Nobody flies worse than me, and that flight was THE worst and THE longest. I felt so bad above the Atlantic Ocean as if I were almost not there anymore doodling something on the napkin and for some reason going through all the knitting and crochet things that I made since I was 8 - for myself, but mostly for friends… Then I started thinking about how many wonderful people I had a chance to meet in my life – it makes me always feel better. I also had a chance no knit for some of them… I wish I could for all. Some favorite fiction characters also attended me during that flight… “Twelve chairs”… “Little golden calf”… I thought how lucky I have been to have such good and trustful people around me, men and women… and also cats ad flowers… dogs and pine trees…

It almost made my motion sickness go away, and also some interesting thoughts started to crystallize in my poor head. I decided to knit special character things for special character people and other creatures and share the recipes with everybody interested. And these real people who inspired me will be modeling them for me. And for us!

My first project will be called
“12 men’s character sweaters”

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